I personally flew to visit Summerlin Asset Management before I decided to purchase mortgage notes under a Joint Venture Purchase agreement with Summerlin. I was very impressed with the staff at Summerlin and the results in the past 18 months have exceeded my expectations. My investment is very transparent with all documents being fully disclosed to me at any time and my ROI has been 18.5% or higher.

Don Black, Managing Director at BP Energy Co., Houston Texas, University of Michigan - Stephen M. Ross School Of Business

I have been very pleased this year after purchasing two 1st Trust Deeds from Summerlin Asset Management. They are conscientious and take most of the work out of a complex process. It is satisfying to have a successful investment that is diversified and not reliant on the stock market.

Dr. Stanley A. Nasraway, Professor, Surgery, Medicine & Anesthesiology, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston Massachusetts

I worked with Jim Stepanian from 2008-2010 and found him to be an honest, ethical, business man. He always followed through doing what he said he would do. I would highly recommend Jim and his services to anyone.

Dirk O. Julander, Esq., Julander, Brown, Bollard & Chapman, Irvine CA

Often times my clients & friends ask me for recommendations on good investments with a good rate of return, with as much safety & security built-in as possible. I have found that exact combination by investing in 1st Trust Deeds with Summerlin Asset Management. The guys there have been so good to work with. They are responsive to all of my questions & provide regular portfolio updates. Every property that they invest in for me & my investment group is easy to track & monitor from the beginning to end of each transaction. There is security and a “Sleep good at night” feeling coming from the fact that every note that Summerlin is invested in is purchased at a discount from today’s current appraised value. They have routinely Audited financial statements & deal with large well-known banking institutions which help to provide oversight to all of their transactions. Also before every note is purchased by Summerlin, their staff spends a long time evaluating & doing the proper due-diligence to insure that their investments will be profitable for everyone. We have been investing with Summerlin Asset Management for over 3 years now & have been fortunate enough to receive a very favorable Rate of return. We feel very comfortable working with them & referring as many of our customers & friends as possible to them. It has definitely been a “win-win” situation for all of us so far.

Dave Tax, Newport Beach, CA

As a busy physician, I don't have the necessary time to effectively micro-manage my money, so I turned to Summerlin Asset Management for help. They explained in detail how investing in real estate notes really works. I especially appreciate the transparent nature of purchasing 1st Trust Deeds, as I have seen tangible evidence of how and where my money is working. Furthermore, I clearly understand that banks need to raise capital, so partnering with a company like SAM who buys notes directly from several banks makes sense to me. At the end of the day, trust is paramount, and I have the utmost faith in the management team at SAM.

John P. Anter, M.D., Diplomate, American Board of Anesthesiology Partner, Anesthesia Consultants, Inc., Las Vegas, NV

As a homeowner it is almost impossible to communicate with Banks who hold your mortgage. However, Summerlin Asset Management purchased my mortgage in January, 2012 and immediately offered me a nice short payoff option that saved me a considerable amount of money. I will be forever grateful to Jim Stepanian and Adam Pakes for working so diligently with me and my family to help us take advantage of their short pay option. By coincidence, I am personally considering investing in Summerlin’s business model. I would be more than happy to speak with anyone considering investing in Summerlin Asset Management.

Mark Bliss, Venice Beach, CA - Homeowner

I have invested in real estate for more than 15 years. During that time I had never invested in real estate debt in the form of a 1st Trust Deed Mortgage Note. I am very happy with my return on investment and even more happy not having the traditional headaches of owning and managing income property. I highly recommend Summerlin Asset Management and their successful model.

Dean Bethke, Microsoft Technology Center Director, Microsoft Corp, Irvine California

I purchased 7 non performing mortgages from Summerlin Asset Management in 2011. On each investment my yield was above 14%, but more importantly we were able to help home owners by entering into a principle reduction agreement with the borrower. This helped the home owner because they could not afford their original payment. For me it was an easy decision because I was able to acquire the mortgage at a large discount. Even though I agreed to a loan modification on all 7 transactions, I was still able to get a great return on investment. It is always rewarding when transactions like this are a win/win for the investor and the home owner. I don't trust the stock market for obvious reasons, so turning to the guys at Summerlin Asset Management to buy discounted real estate notes has been a great experience.

Codi Alfrey, Founder & CEO, Central Florida Ford and Kia Automotive

I have worked in the Real Estate industry for more than 10 years and I have determined that purchasing discounted first trust deeds (mortgages) is a great alternative to traditional income based investments. Summerlin Asset Management (SAM) is a very reputable company with good inventory and a dedicated management team. My most trusted clients have invested with SAM and they are very pleased with the rate of return on their investments. My client's and I feel very comfortable with the transparent nature of purchasing real estate notes through SAM. Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss the merits of purchasing real estate notes with Summerlin Asset Management.

Chad Nelson, Top Producing Real Estate Agent, Platinum Award Winner, Keller Williams, Arizona Realty

As an active investor, I have been involved with Summerlin Asset Management, LLC for the last couple of years in numerous financial transactions. Summerlin Asset Management have been the vehicle that I have dealt with in the purchase of discounted mortgages. In dealing with these types of loans, the integrity of the participants is obviously the primary requisite. It is my distinct pleasure to be able to recommend Adam Pakes, Pete Pakes and Jim Stepanian for whatever financial transaction you might have in mind. The Summerlin management team offered me professional consulting prior to purchasing my discounted real estate note, also known as a mortgage.

In this day and age, the investment field is awash with seemingly fantastic opportunities offered by apparently honest and forthright businessmen. All too often, the old adage “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is” fits many if not most of these alluring “opportunities”. Adam, Pete and Jim are men of honor who I have found to be trustworthy and as good as their word.

I’m convinced that they show a respect and concern for the safety and benefit of their clients that sometime exceeds their own interests, but in the long run, that is what will make their business succeed. Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me via one of the above methods.

Frank Glindmeier, Founder & CEO Paramount Development Corp

I have been a realtor in Las Vegas, NV for about ten years. I work in all aspects of the real estate market from residential, commercial, notes, and land. My experiences with Summerlin Asset Management have been nothing short of Spectacular. They are always available, professional, straight forward, hardworking, and the most important, real nice people. Summerlin Asset Management takes the stress out of the equation for me and my investors. My relationship with SAM makes my business more seamless and profitable.

Nathan Strager, Realty Executives Las Vegas