Development Investments

Summerlin Asset Management, LLC is a privately owned real estate investment firm with offices in Arizona and California. Summerlin offers investment opportunities in all new development projects. These projects include ground-up developments of Senior Living communities, Self-storage Facilities, and Multifamily developments within the United States.

The team here at Summerlin manages all stages of each development project, from acquisition of the asset to the pre-design phase, and all the way through construction and delivery. We employ an intelligent and disciplined approach to due diligence and risk management when making land development decisions. When putting together a new development package we form alliances with local experts in that particular real estate niche that includes architects, structural engineers, general contractors, and specialized trades people. Our investment strategy revolves around identifying investment opportunities with potential for significant capital appreciation through land entitlement, development, and community design. We strive to create developments that provide positive fiscal impacts to the surrounding neighborhood communities.

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