Summerlin Asset Management has been developing different types of construction from Self-storage to Senior Living.
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Summerlin Asset Management has been purchasing non-performing, sub-performing, re-performing, and performing mortgage notes and 1st trust deeds since early 2008.
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Our Summerlin Realty division is a full service professional Real Estate, Vacation Rental / Property Management company servicing the Lake Havasu City and Colorado River area.
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Summerlin Asset Management

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Financial security is a common goal that most investors share. However, having the discipline and dedication to both quantify and execute the process needed to achieve financial security is anything but common. At Summerlin Asset Management, helping our clients clarify their goals and showing them how to get there is what we do every day. At Summerlin we believe your wealth plan should revolve around your needs, goals, personality, risk profile, and dozens of other determinants. Summerlin will help you set goals, priorities, and principles. You know the destination, and the management team at Summerlin can help you get there.



Investing with Summerlin

Summerlin Asset Management LLC is a diversified real estate investment company. There comes a time when many investors want to delegate responsibility for their investments to qualified professionals. Summerlin has investment strategies to suit every client’s needs. Our process involves an interactive dialogue with each client, allowing Summerlin to gather the information necessary to develop a customized and comprehensive financial plan specific to each client's unique needs and each plan incorporates an asset allocation and investment strategy. Summerlin will provide recommendations and a proposed implementation strategy. Once approved by the client, the investment is executed. Summerlin will work diligently with you to define a trust deed investment strategy based on your investing objectives and time frames.

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